Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Booth Babes Edition


Lollipop Chainsaw booth babe at E3
From Game Rant

I heard that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) got rid of booth babes this year, which is a shame. After all, how on Earth is an E3 attendee ever going to actually get to talk to a real live woman if said woman isn’t being paid to hawk products to him? This week, Blackmailers Don’t Shoot brings you the glorious booth babe, the hot chick who promotes crap at conventions.

First, since I already mentioned it, Go Fanboy has galleries of booth babes at E3 from 2009 here and here.

Pixelated Geek ups the nerd ante with Comic Con booth babes.

Switching to much more manly territory, Business Insider (!) has a collection of ladies from the 2012 L.A. Auto Show. Car Scoop has some more from the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

And now we’re back to full nerd. Game Rant has a gallery from the 2012 E3.

Finally, Techware Labs has booth babes from Computex 2012. I don’t even know what that is, but it’s a good…er, read.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

Update: Linked at American Power. Thanks!

Update 2: Dude. First the Douglasolanche, and now the Wombatalanche. Awesome.



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