Why You Shouldn’t Care About Anything Lil Wayne Does


Noted artist Lil Wayne apparently stepped on an American flag during a music video taping. He denies that it was on purpose, and Twitchy has the video in case you care enough to make the decision as to whether or not he’s lying. Apparently a lot of people on Twitter are outraged over this, but conservative culture warriors are wasting their energy. Since I have seen the VH1 Behind the Music episode on Mr. Wayne, I can tell you why.

When one is from New Orleans, the murder capital of the country, other people’s guns are dangerous enough. However, Lil Wayne managed to accidentally shoot himself with his mom’s gun when he was 12 years old. He is also known for getting smashed on prescription cough syrup. One would think that that would calm someone down, but Rolling Stone has a rundown on Lil Wayne’s arrest record from 2007. Oh, and in case you can’t see, Lil Wayne has facial tattoos.

You may ask, “What’s your point?” Well dear reader, my point is that Lil Wayne is a far bigger danger to himself than to America. It is unlikely that he will ever see his 40th birthday. One of these days he will be found dead in his studio with ten gunshot wounds that came from the Glock that he will be clutching in his lifeless hand. The coroner will rule that it was death by misadventure.

Thus, I call a pre-emptive win in the culture wars.