This Stupid Week, Patience Is a Virtue I Ain’t Got Edition

hot-girl-with-gunImage stolen from Blogging While Republican

 Granddad had an old hound dog named Blue. He used to take Blue through the drive-through every Friday afternoon and Blue would get his own burger. Papa told me that whenever Blue saw a drive-through, he’d drool all over the front seat. Which is an entirely pointless story, and only partially true, but This Stupid Week always needs a babbling preamble before the linkfest.

Speaking of linkfests…

Joan Walsh, the whitest white person in America writing for the whitest website on the planet, Salon, frets that Sarah Palin is some kind of racist Antichrist. TC at Leather Penguin bats Walsh’s Aryan ass around a bit.

Valley of the Shadow notes how the party of progress is really into old ideas.

According to the Weekly World News, Michael Jackson’s ghost has testified in court in the case brought by the Jackson family against AEG. Jackson’s ghost said that his death was accidental. Conrad Murray is reportedly pissed.

Acculturated has a culturally disgruntled post on the nature of online gaming. Harumph harumph harumph!

The Free Kate movement is the latest attempt to weaponize social media. This time the bomb makers ended up like Bill Ayres’ girlfriend. The Other McCain has some fun with a #FreeKate truther on Twitter.

Cute puppy pileup. You have been warned.

Mike G writes about the unacknowledged victims of the real War on Women. Hint: It ain’t Sandra Fluke or even Mary Jo Kopechne.

Meep at the Necropolitan Sentinel writes about the coming public employee pension bomb. Sure, Detroit has it bad, but my money for the first place to drop dead is California.

WarriorWoman91 draws comparisons between the ideology of Occupy Wall Street and Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. Nice call, but I don’t think that the Occutards were thinking that far ahead.

American Power has links to Kelly Brook sunbathing. I don’t know who Kelly Brook is, but I’m glad I checked it out.

You know, I’d have more sympathy for illegal aliens if some of them didn’t act like they were entitled to be here. UrbanGrounds reports on a group of trespassers trespassing.

Here’s the reason for my impatience. I should be playing The Last of Us right now.

Monday is over. Enjoy the rest of the week, folks.



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