Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Git ‘Er Done Edition

sexy-steampunk-girlBlackmailers Don’t Shoot is my blog, which means that I am under no obligation to write anything if I don’t feel like it. Such is the perversity of my mind, though, that I feel obligated to write two posts a week: This Stupid Week and Pretty Girls on a Thursday. It doesn’t hurt that those two features get me the most traffic. This week I’m just going to let this thing happen and see where the post lands.

The young lady above is from a gallery of sexy steampunk girls at theChive. Something a bit different. On a related note, Echomon has sexy punk girls.

Izismile has hot goth chicks. Hey, no judgment if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here are some more hot cosplay girls from Caveman Circus. Good Lord I’m a dweeb.

Finally, here’s some Kate Upton. No comment.

Enjoy, and have a safe and fruitful Friday.

Update: Welcome American Power readers. Make yourselves at home.

Update 2: Wombat strikes again.


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