Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Pin-Up Edition


Today is Retro Day at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot. Why, you ask? No clue. I was trying to come up with a theme, and it seemed like a good idea. After all, who doesn’t like pin up girls? The young lady above is from Car Kulture DeLuxe, which offers an extensive gallery.

The Brigade at The Chive brings us hot modern pin-up girls. 105 of them. Warning: this page is huge and slowed my browser to a crawl. eBaum’s World has a similar offering, broken into a browser-friendly slide show.

Dixie Pin-up has a number of galleries, including their 2010 calendar, some proceeds of which went to the Wounded Warrior Project.

AcidCow, a good frequent stop for Rule 5 material, has a collection of more classic pin-up, with paintings instead of the modern photographs.

Finally, BuzzFeed has side-by-side photographs and paintings of classic pin-up models. Pretty nifty.

Have a safe Friday everyone. Make it to Saturday in one piece.

Update: The Wombatalanche commences.

Update II, The Revolution Has Been Televised: The Smitterlanche, the Belvederelanche and the Hanklanche join together to get down with the sickness. Thanks to Mike G and Stacy McCain.



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