This Stupid Week, Totally Winging It Edition

yawning-puppyHere’s a revelation that should come as a surprise to no one: This Stupid Week was born out of feeling crappy one Monday evening after work. This week, I’m kind of on autopilot, so the linkfest has the potential of either being some kind of Zen moment of awesome or being completely lame. Well friends, here we go!

The Political Hat writes about the coming tyranny of tolerance. I see this kind of crap all the time on Facebook from liberal friends, and it might be coming to your workplace.

The New York Times continues to battle Media Matters for the title of Barack Obama’s chief bootlicker. The Times fears that getting rid of Eric Holder might “embolden” those who blaspheme against The One True Candidate. Dan Collins has commentary.

The Weekly World News reports that a space ship from Planet Zeeba was spotted over San Diego. I actually get three or four page views a week from pingbacks to their site.

ViralRead offers us a Preview of Tonight’s WWE Raw. I’m probably posting this too late. Mondays at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot are all about the Criminal Minds marathon on Ion.

The left likes to pretend that unionized government workers are the face of labor. Is that lady at the DMV the real Tom Joad? Zombie calls for the real workers of the world to unite.

From Buzzfeed, The World’s Most Searched Porn Terms

Acculturated concern-trolls Amanda Bynes. Sorry folks, we all secretly get a kick out of celebrity meltdowns.

Related to Zombie’s post, apparently there are lots of people who have very positive feelings about Barack Obama’s position on entitlements. Musings, Rants and Ramblings muses, rants and rambles on the subject.

Mike G. notes that it’s time to get rid of Lindsey Graham. I concur. He’s the John McCain of the South.

We all kind of knew that the IRS scandal wasn’t confined to Cincinnati. Yid with Lid writes that Daryl Issa might have the smoking gun. (h/t Becca Lower)

Finally, is the instigator in a jailbait sex scandal immune from guilt because she’s a lesbian? Stacy McCain is clearly enjoying this.

I knew that pugs were hardcore.



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