Pretty Girls on a Thursday, This One’s for the Jocks Edition

Foxy BoxingHuh. 20 spam comments in the filter. WordPress is impressive.

Anyway, last week I gave something to the geeks, so this week the jocks get something. Since I was never good at sports, this isn’t easy, but there’s nothing wrong with a little challenge.

First, Sports Illustrated brings us the one good thing about the Oakland Raiders: the Raiderettes. Like their male counterparts, they’re not that great on the field, but the fans really don’t care. Next, Total Pro Sports offers up 15 hot college cheerleaders. Tell me that the guy from Ohio State isn’t getting the best college education on Earth.

Boxing Fan Cast has a Foxy Boxing gallery. No comment.

I’m stealing this next comment from Dennis Prager, but it’s true. Until the 2012 Summer Olympics, I had no idea that there was such thing as men’s beach volleyball. Because who would want to watch that? Here’s some of the good beach volleyball from Holy Taco.

Rounding out this list, TCMAg has cheerleaders of beach soccer. Never heard of it. Not that that matters.

Tomorrow is Friday, and in the words of a great philosopher, everybody’s working for the weekend.

Update: Wombat-socho works his magic. Cheesecake makes the world go ’round.


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