This Stupid Week, Better Late Than Never Edition

Not only is it a holiday weekend, but it is also my second anniversary with my girlfriend, so blogging, tweeting and obsessive hit-whoring were off limits for a few days. Happy Memorial Day everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend, ate a burger and hugged a real or imagined vet.

Oh, and here’s the linkfest.

Former NPR CEO deploys the Bush did it argument on the IRS scandal. (Necropolitan Sentinel)

In the wake of the murder of a British soldier in London by alleged Islamist terrorists, the government cracks down on…people who don’t like Islamist terrorists. (Doug Ross)

Horsewoman of the apocalypse Ke$ha is dating a ghost. (Weekly World News)

Boy Scouts vote to allow openly gay scouts. Not sure what my opinion is on this. (That Mr. G Guy)

Look who has his first post up at ViralRead. Hint: it’s me.

Battlefield 4 trailer. Gamers should demand better, but we’ll still buy it.

Lesbian jailbait sex scandal. Hell, everyone else is getting in on it. (The Other McCain)

Rules are for the little people. (Necessary and Proper Gov’t)

Legs Gallery 102. (Sad Man’s Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro)

Is 30 the new 20? If so, is this a good thing? (Acculturated)

Iron Man 3 and its problems. (Misfit Politics)

Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer. Seriously people. The gaming publishers can do better than this.

Tea Party and conservative protests at IRS offices. (Lowering the Boom)

Unemployment beneficiaries in Texas will now be required to take drug tests. (UrbanGrounds)

Columbia University trying to end politically incorrect scholarship. (The Political Hat)

Something about Justin Bieber. Forgive me. (International Business Times)

P.j. O’Rourke: Is Obama stupid? (Weekly Standard)

What we nerds are hoping for from Fallout 4.

Have a great week everyone!