This Stupid Week, Self-Promotion Edition

Welcome to the Monday evening linkfest at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, brought to you by none other than yours truly.

President Obama’s lawyer and the White House chief of staff knew that the IRS was targeting Tea Party groups, but Obama didn’t know. (Hot Air)

White House flack feigns outrage when confronted with his boss’s ineptitude. (Doug Ross)

Rep. Mike Kelly and the conservative red meat video of the week. (The Political Hat)

Tea Party affiliated group targeted by four different federal agencies. (The Necropolitan Sentinel)

There really is a conspiracy theory that Stephen King murdered John Lennon. (Blackmailers Don’t Shoot)

For the nerds: the teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins

In spite of gun control and hate crime laws, a gay man is murdered in New York. (The Other McCain)

Advice for young conservatives. (Misfit Politics)

Houston Sheriff killed by drunk driver. Who happened to be a document-challenged immigrant. (UrbanGrounds)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still an idiot. (Lowering the Boom)

Flying witches arrested for violating airspace. (Weekly World News)

School chemistry experiment goes wrong.

Open letter to Speaker Boehner. (Ace of Spades HQ)

Two journalists speaking power to truth. (Valley of the Shadow)

Why the “I-word” is a bad idea – at least for now. (That Mr. G Guy)

Global Warming really is a cult. (SooperMexican)

News of the Weird for this week.

Dog sings along with its owner.

Update: Linked at The Necropolitan Sentinel. Thanks! Read everything else there.

Update 2: Thanks to Mike G for the mention on Twitter.



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