Sunday Morning Conspiracy Theory Spotting

I spotted this van in L.A. yesterday, snapped a picture and posted it to Twitter. (Click the image for full size.)

John Lennon

The conspiracy theory alleges that Mark David Chapman was a patsy in the murder of John Lennon, and the real killer was actually the famous horror author Stephen King. The proprietor of the website on the van claims to have found proof in Stephen King’s novels that King was planning the murder beforehand and admissions of guilt after the fact. Somehow Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were also part of the conspiracy, but I’m not going to buy the book, so I’m not sure how they’re implicated.

This van has also been spotted in San Diego and Berkeley (naturally,) and I’ve found people mentioning it on boards going back to 2005 at the earliest, though the conspiracy theory probably predates that.

While this kind of thinking isn’t reflective of a healthy mind, to understate matters, I have to admire the rugged individualism on display here. It really takes a certain kind of energy to devote your life trying to prove something completely insane. Besides, if it irritates Stephen King, I can’t object too much.

Update: This guy gets around. Here is a clip on Funny or Die of him in front of the Sarasota City Council.


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