One of the (Many) Ways That the Left Is Winning the Fight

This headline from Buzzfeed, as idiotic as it is, illustrates one of the reasons the left is winning the war: (link goes to Twitchy)

Republican Lawmakers Took IRS Union Campaign Cash

By the fourth paragraph of the article, the author admits that the donations to Democrats dwarf donations to Republicans, but by this point Buzzfeed has successfully deployed a variation on the “Bush did it” argument. Basically, the argument in this case is that because some Republicans receive money from the National Treasury Employees Union, no Republicans have the right to complain that Democrats receive a ton of money from the union. The sad thing is that these arguments work, because conservatives are not making the right counterargument.

The question of who is receiving money from public employee unions and how much is nowhere near as important as asking why taxpayer money is being filtered through an organizations like the NTEU to pay for political campaigns. As long as we lend legitimacy to the “he did it too” argument, we concede that public employee unions are legitimate in the first place.

The government is now in the business of perpetuating and expanding itself, and these unions are a major part of that push. Conservatives miss the real battle when we allow outfits like Buzzfeed to set the argument.