This Stupid Week – IRS Edition

Another Monday, another linkfest.

So, it looks like this whole IRS thing is worse than Lois Lerner admitted. (Hot Air)

Barack Obama takes a jobs trip to Texas. Ted Cruz mocks him. (UrbanGrounds)

Turns out that Joe Biden is the real Tyler Durden. (Weekly World News)

National Offend a Feminist Week comes to an end. (That Mr. G Guy) That doesn’t mean that you have to stop offending feminists.

Speaking of which, someone really managed to offend a feminist last week. (The Other McCain)

More pug tricks.

Oh, that whole flap with the IRS? Yeah, way worse than Lois Lerner admitted. (Ace)

People say that politics is like professional wrestling. Perhaps the GOP should act like it. (Bacon, Boobs and Beer)

Is the guy who made the stupid YouTube video a political prisoner? (Patterico)

Lefty Swarthmore activists have gone feral. (Instapundit)

Kermit Gosnell found guilty on three murder counts. (Breitbart)

This cartoon will get you kicked out of Swarthmore.

That stuff you’ve been hearing about the IRS? Don’t worry, they just targeted those evil teabaggers. (Lowering the Boom)

30 minute testimony from Gregory Hicks on Benghazi. (WarriorWoman91)

Blocked on Twitter by Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (SooperMexican)

Kermit Gosnell is not an aberration. (The Political Hat)

Broke university system still blowing tons of money on multicultural foolishness. (City Journal)

Scene from the underrated masterpiece PCU.