This Stupid Week

Monday is the Holy Day at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, so blogging is light by necessity, which leaves two options: Links or YouTube videos. If you’re one of the enlightened who read this blog, you will know that we do both here. Click away!

Did you know that Justin Bieber is popular in Turkey? Now you do. (MSN)

Surprise! State Department lied about Benghazi. Guy who shot a stupid movie still in jail. (Ace)

Alien balls from Planet Zeeba found in Mexico. (Weekly World News)

Video of pugs on a sled.

No one wants to befoul the earth with Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s rotting corpse. (L.A. Times)

Harry Reid calls Ted Cruz a bully; takes a doodle in pants. (Hot Air)

Conservatives on Twitter throw a party for a very special former Congressman. (Lowering the Boom)

Playing Black Flag on a ukulele.

Feminist caught threatening herself with rape. (The Other McCain)

Barack Obama straight up murders a straw man. (The Political Hat)

Money really does buy happiness. Pretend to be surprised. (Acculturated)

Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Sauce Challenge

Have a great Monday evening everyone!

Update: Thanks to Becca Lower for the link!


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