City Officials Under FBI Investigation Want to Cut Police, Firefighters

Two stories from the Riverside Press Enterprise. The first, from yesterday, details how the Moreno Valley, CA City Council and City Manager propose trimming police and fire services to draw down a budget deficit.

According to Moreno Valley CFO Rick Teichert and City Manager Henry Garcia (salary plus benefits $400,000,)

It is staff’s opinion that complete deficit elimination will only occur if a new revenue source [he means taxes – CG] is attained […] Absent that, continued expenditure cuts in future years will erode services provided to residents and businesses.

This little exercise in tax-baiting might have to wait for a vote, though, because today’s story out of Moreno Valley is that

Federal and local agents served search warrants throughout in Moreno Valley on Tuesday morning, April 30, raiding the homes of all five City Council members, a businessman with close political connections and the corporate offices of warehouse developer Highland Fairview.

Highland Fairview is looking to build a warehouse complex in Moreno Valley near a Skechers distribution center, also a Highland Fairview project. It looks like the investigation is regarding a cozy relationship between Highland Fairview and the City Council, but the FBI is not speaking publicly.

Something is rotten in the Inland Empire, and it’s not just the air in Norco.