Recommended Blog Post

I tried re-blogging this post yesterday, but apparently I don’t know WordPress very well. Luckily I know how to link, so it should be a lot less painful on the second go.

Musings, Rants & Ramblings has a thorough post detailing recent acts of terrorism and other headline-grabbing violent acts, and how every time the media have attacked conservatives and the Tea Party as being the obvious culprits, until the actual culprit turns out to be a lefty, a lunatic or a Jihadist.

Hell, I had forgotten about Amy Bishop:

Amy Bishop opened fire on her colleagues in Alabama – It didn’t take long before we heard the same ole, same ole from the left. Reuters Foundation Fellow Jonathan Curiel wondered aloud “Does racism explain the tenure shooting and the Tea Party movement? Amy Bishop was a liberal to the core. She was described as being a “far left political extremist obsessed with President Obama”.

So check out Musings, Rants & Ramblings. It’s linked on the sidebar as well.