My Inner Cranky Old Man Emerges

Dear Conservatives,

Once again, we are being played by someone looking to revive his or her career. In this case it’s a her.

Remember the recent Jim Carrey thing? The guy hadn’t been in a decent movie in years, his most recent movie was tanking with critics, and the last memorable thing he did was fall for the quackery about vaccinations and Autism, so he did the last thing that a soon-to-be D Lister can do and sent out a Bat Signal that liberals would love and which would surely start a Twitter war with conservatives. And it worked. Who knows if it will benefit his career in the long run, but for a brief moment Jim Carrey had a huge dose of the celebrity heroin that we call attention.

Now a real D List celebrity gloms onto the Boston bombing by writing a ridiculous free verse poem to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and we fall for the trap again. And I do mean “we,” because I couldn’t help indulging a bit of the old poesy on Twitter myself.

The point is, though, that I hadn’t heard about this person in years. And I used to listen to the Dresden Dolls, so my ears would have perked up if she had come across my radar. But now, because she wrote this narcissistic bit of hipster trolling, this singer is part of the conversation again.

My recommendation is that if we’re going to write bad poetry on Twitter as a means of mockery, we intentionally misspell the singer’s name, because not only does it deny her the traffic, but it shows that we really don’t care.

Source: Hot Air (because I’m a traffic whore too.)