California Hates You, Big Gay Al Edition

Via Ace of Spades HQ and posted at The Blaze, Long Beach state Senator Ricardo Lara is proposing SB 323, a law designed to remove tax-exempt status from “youth groups that do not accept gay, transgender or atheist members[…]” In other words, a politician in California is finally going after the Boy Scouts.

I don’t think that SB 323 has a snowball’s chance. Jerry Brown still has another election to survive, and there are about five sane Democrats in the state Legislature (not that I could tell you who they are.) Also, I have just enough faith in the state of California to think that politicians just might fear backlash enough to keep a distance from this. Memories are short, but Gray Davis wasn’t that long ago. That being said, this remains California, and term limits in the state Legislature incentivize bad legislation, since retired legislators just move into lobbying and high-power government jobs.

I think that this is a trial balloon, with the intent of seeing just how badly it fails. Ricardo Lara is openly gay, so it’s unlikely that he will suffer from proposing this bill, considering that he was voted into office in the first place. In fact, I would argue that this has less to do with “youth groups that do not accept gay, transgender or atheist members” and everything to do with tax-exempt status. Just like how cigarette taxes have nothing to do with smoking and AB 666 has nothing to do with safe driving.

The state of California is using liberal causes as a way of extorting more money from out groups as a means of paying for the Blue Social Model beast. Going after the Boy Scouts is extreme, but the reaction (if there is one) will be an accurate gauge of just how far the Democrats in the state Legislature (with their two-thirds majority, by the way) can go without being punished.

Gay, transgendered atheist Boy Scouts are convenient pawns.