The Northridge CA Kidnapping and the Consequences of Bad Policy Pt. 1

The Other McCain posted this on April 4 concerning the alleged kidnapping and molestation of a 10 year old girl in Northridge, California. Specifically, McCain posted about how one of the suspects, Tobias Summers, was released early on a parole violation under California’s prison realignment plan.

The kidnapping case reminds me of another case in Northridge that involved a prisoner on another early release program. On December 2nd of 2012, Ka Pasasouk allegedly shot and killed four people outside of an illegal group home. Pasasouk had an arrest record and was in prison on a meth conviction, but was released into a drug treatment program under Proposition 36. While the cases aren’t related, both suspects were released early on cost cutting measures and went on to allegedly commit major crimes in the same town.

It would be unremarkable if the prisons simply couldn’t afford to hold prisoners, though it would be bad enough. However, in 2011 Governor Jerry Brown signed a sweetheart deal with the corrections officers’ union that gave them unlimited vacation payout upon retirement and extra monthly cash if they got physicals once a year, among other benefits.

What we see here, then, is a government agency unable to perform its basic duties because of the deals that it made with taxpayer-supported labor. Criminals are allowed back into the  society that is supposed to be protected by the prison system. This, though, is symptomatic of larger movements in government on the local, state and federal level. First, a complete lack of the most basic economic sense. Second, that governments are now making good on the threats that they have made to the public if taxes aren’t raised.

I will be writing a series of posts over the next week or so detailing the problems as I see them in Los Angeles and California, and what the implications are on the national level.

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