Kevin James Endorses Eric Garcetti

Via ABC News, the lone Republican in the Los Angeles mayoral race has endorsed Eric Garcetti. I’m not exactly sure why he’s doing this, as he doesn’t really have to endorse anyone, but it’s not really my problem. If he truly thinks that Eric Garcetti is the lesser of two evils, support of the Republican minority in the city might be enough to push Garcetti over the line.

Here’s the interesting part of the story, though. Both Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greul are trying to out-Republican each other, at least when they aren’t trying to win over voters in South L.A. From the story, Garcetti is quoted saying,

Because when we are able to do things like pension reform and balancing a budget, that means that we save city services, and save city jobs by the way. We are able to provide people and taxpayers with what they deserve every single time. They pay taxes to the city of Los Angeles.

Whoa. A Democrat talking about pension reform and the taxpayers? Next thing he might “[tell] supporters at UCLA [he’s] the candidate best able to shape up City Hall, starting with a 25-percent cut to the mayor’s budget.” Or he would, except, whoops, that line was about Wendy Greuel. Strange times indeed.

I don’t trust either of them. They’re both awash in union money, and unions, especially government employee unions, don’t like efficiency or budget cuts. Once one of these jokers is elected, expect Tony Villar Part Deux.