Anti AB666 Link Roundup

It’s a lazy evening. I’m going to post some links from websites posting against AB666, the Devil’s Bill, which will fatten the pockets of the red light camera lobby, and in turn fatten Bob Wieckowski’s campaign fund.

In my neck of the woods, the John and Ken show on KFI 640 AM has a page up with Bob Wieckowski’s phone number.

Jon Coupal from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has a writeup explaining the real motivation behind this kind of terrible legislation.

The #AB66 Twitter hashtag. Only a handful of comments so far, but nothing in support.

The Stop AB666 Facebook page.

LibertyFight‘s post against AB666, calling it “an evil scheme to fleece motorists and eviscerate their rights.” They’re a little nutty, but they’re right on this one.

Safer Streets L.A. has a rather lengthy post detailing what the impact of the bill would be on us hoi-polloi.

Bob Wieckowski‘s website at the California Assembly.

Here is a copy of AB666 if you care to read it.

Finally, here is another link to Stop AB666, the people who started the resistance.

P.S. If you have a post about AB666 and I didn’t link it, email me at blackmailersdontshoot (at) gmail (dot) com and if I like it, it will be linked in this post.

Update: Scott Rhymer has a post that understandably makes fun of California and AB666. Scott, we aren’t all bad.