California Hates You, AB666 Edition

And here is proof: Legislation is being proposed that will not only bring back red light cameras in the state, with the added bonus that it will become next to impossible to fight the tickets. See, up until recently, at least in places like Los Angeles, judges made it next to impossible to prosecute a red light camera ticket. That means that if you got a ticket in the mail, you could throw it in the trash and forget about it.

Now, thanks to dirtbag Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski from Fremont, we have AB666 (yes, that’s the actual bill.) AB666 will prevent you from fighting one of these tickets in court, and if you don’t pay the ticket your registration will be upheld at the DMV.

Some hack named David Grant from a rent-seeking outfit called California Walks is supporting the bill, so I’m guessing his organization is both taxpayer and union funded. Funding is, after all, the main reason behind this monstrosity. The State of California is broke and instead of making people want to come here, they pass legislation that will make people want to leave or stay away.

Friends, California hates you.

Visit Stop AB666 for more details.