Who Endorses Eric Garcetti in The L.A. Mayoral Election

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Unfortunately what’s good for the goose and the gander in this case is probably bad for the voter. But I digress. Eric Garcetti’s website doesn’t have a list of his supporters, but the good news is that you can endorse him to become the Mayor of Los Angeles. That’s right, he has a link where any old schlub can endorse him. Not that he cares, but if you want to be spammed with material from the Eric Garcetti for Mayor campaign, be my guest.

It was a little harder tracking down a list of Garcetti’s supporters, but here it is. There are some surprises, like the Los Angeles League of Conservative Voters, but I’m more interested in the endorsements that prove the stereotype. So without further ado, here is the cherry picked sample of Eric Garcetti’s supporters:

National Organization for Women, California Chapter. It’s funny that in a race between a man and a woman, NOW supports the dude. This is how you know Garcetti is a Democrat, but the odd thing is that Wendy Greuel is a Democrat too. I guess NOW split their endorsements with EMILY’s List.

Shepard Fairey. I don’t know why this even matters. I guess that some time in April we’ll start seeing some hacktastic red, white and blue posters around L.A. with Garcetti’s mug on them, like the way he fellated Obama.  Keep it real, Shep.

Howard Dean. This would be a much more interesting race if Howie flew out to California and toured around the city belting out his bits and pieces of insanity to rapt audiences of Democrats while the TV cameras rolled. YouTube just might explode with the sheer awesomeness.

L.A Times. This almost doesn’t deserve commentary. Almost. The Times has been trying to be a real newspaper for decades. It’s not working. It’s a fishwrap that gets beaten by USA Today on national news and barely bothers with local news, which people might actually read. Good for you, guys. Make your little endorsement.

Finally, here’s the one (actually two) that have me worried. Eric Garcetti is endorsed by United Teachers of Los Angeles and the California Federation of Teachers. More than any other corrupt and thuggish union in California, the these two are leading the charge to bankrupt the city and the state. The average pay for a high school teacher in LAUSD is $65,481, while the graduation rate is 64%. And they get benefits for the rest of their lives. And you can be a pedophile and keep your pension.

I would say that L.A. is well and truly screwed. When a city with almost four million people decide that the two best choices to run said city are a couple of special interest stooges, it tells me that the people are becoming beneficiaries of said special interests. The feeding frenzy will not be pretty, especially when the food is gone.