Why I’m Thankful for Antonio Villaraigosa. Occasionally.

Antonio Villaraigosa (Tony Villar) may be a terrible mayor of Los Angeles. He may be a preening jackass, a narcissist, and overly confident in his own abilities. On a related note, he may be an incompetent fool.

Antonio Villaraigosa may be corrupt. He may have received illegal gifts from concert and sports promoters.

Antonio Villaraigosa may ignore the city’s problems while he jets across the world to pretend that he is important. He may be utterly deluded about his future in politics after he leaves his worthless office.

Antonio Villaraigosa may be a union toady.

Antonio Villaraigosa may not be able to keep it in his pants.

Antonio Villaraigosa may believe in Global Warming.

I will say one thing about Antonio Villaraigosa that is to his credit. Sort of. Antonio Villaraigosa is not Michael Bloomberg. Now, it’s entirely possible that Villaraigosa sees power more as a means of personal glorification than a way to hold authority over the little people. Perhaps Villaraigosa’s handlers know that he’s too stupid to make the kind of specious “Well, we ban murder, don’t we?” argument that mini-Chavez makes.

Sometimes, if you live in a large city full of liberals, it may be best if the mayor couldn’t find his own city on a map.

Hot Air has video.